Like a tailoring we chose the forms, colors and materials for ambient the people in their own houses.

Renews and projection

We are available to understand and follow your necessities, beginning of relief to your house vision and thanks to areal projection (interior partitions, electric and hydraulic systems) sporting the choices together selected, from the furniture to whitewash, for overtake at truly assistance on the site.


Ancient and noble technics of handicraft are melted with vanguard tools, high quality fitting and use of raw material for respect of the project in the fixed time.

Proof for furniture

Technicians and projectors examine each functional aspect , constructive and ergonomic of the kitchens and of furniture which, of handicraft pass to assembly for a test first the final phase of polishing.

Transport and assembly

Is very important that Benedetti Arred always entrust the montages at its two teams of interior fitters high qualified and experts which transforms the furniture in a work of art.


Assistance After Sale for maintain the functionality and the value of your furniture over the years.